Tuesday, July 14, 2015


by Kendalle Aubra

And what are you today, my dear?
Princess? Pirate? Prawn?
To don that shirt, my silly girl
With patched and puffy brawn?

And what are you today, my dear?
Hair snarls, wild and free
Are you perhaps a faerie,
Or a charmer of a bee?

And what are you today, my dear?
With such affixèd frown?
Pagliacci? Peter Murphy?
Some other mourning clown?

And what are you today, my dear?
Independent? Grad?
You have the hats and habits
Of the dreams you never had.

And what are you today my dear?
Artist? Barkeep? Domme?
So many different costumes--
Why the one that you have on?

Monday, May 11, 2015

I like to describe this look as "female Elvis-impersonator in a Mad Max III: Beyond Thunderdome world." Yeah, I got a little Tank Girl to me, too--in fact I was shocked when I saw the film for the first time since I was 10 last January and realized that somehow I did grow up to be Tank Girl, despite regretfully minimal exposure to her. <3 My babin' bosom buddy Polina took this photo of me because I matched her entire room. Nothing feels as good as that kind of sisterhood. <3 <3 <3

The collar is Polina's, too, actually. I just had to borrow it for this look. I have a flower barette from Las Vegas that, by some miracle, perfectly matches my hair and lipstick, but I guess I didn't get a photo of that. The shirt is from Collectif and I bought it in London a few years ago. The jacket is faux fur and faux leather, thank you, from Nasty Gal, where the fringe denim shorts were also purchased. The steel-toed boots are Miista. They're good for kicking ass and dancing.